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Debit Cards - receive a CSB debit card when you open a Commercial Savings Bank checking or savings account.  We have instant issue cards, so you can receive your card the same day. You will have unlimited access to ATMs worldwide and 24 hour banking at most ATM locations. Debit cards can be controlled within your CSB digital banking apps.  New debit cards are not part of the Privileged Status network, but our Gold and Plus accounts offer a $3.00 credit per statement cycle for non-CSB ATM surcharge fees.  CSB ATMs are located in the lobby and drive-thru of the main bank, Walgreen's in Carroll, and coming soon to our Dedham branch.  Also, remember that with a debit card you can often get cash back with no fees from stores you are buying goods from, just use the key pad at check-out to select yes for cash back.

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Debit Card Controls

Once you are logged into your digital banking account - click "Documents & Settings" from the menu.  Next click "Manage Cards", then click the small arrow to the right - now you have the options to turn your card on or off, manage alerts, setup mobile wallet, request a temporary spending limit increase, or submit a travel notification.

Lost or Stolen Cards

If your debit card is lost or stolen, you can turn your card off within online or mobile banking.  Also, please report it to Commercial Savings Bank at 712-792-4346 during banking hours or you can contact 844-202-5333 after hours.  If you have a general question with your debit card call 712-792-4346.

Fraud Alerts
In an effort to keep your account as safe and secure as possible, you may receive call from Card Sentry.  Card Sentry is designed to detect unusual card activity and has a 24 x 7 authorization monitoring system. This product is an effective tool to combat counterfeit cards, lost or stolen cards or data base compromises. Please, only confirm account information with a trusted source.  If you are unsure, contact CSB at 712-792-4346.

*If you are traveling out of country and plan to use your debit card, please notify us within online or mobile banking or contact us prior to your travel.

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